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Dog Enrichment Toys Brightkins Review

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It’s a fact that dogs love treats but sometimes you want to make sure they’re doing a little more than rather just eating treats all day long. That is why enrichment toys for dogs are the perfect solution to keep your dog’s brain active and reward them with the treats that they love.

There are loads of enrichment toys on the market and some of them are amazing. You can buy them cheap from online retailers but we would always suggest checking out Brightkins dog toys, we have several enrichment toys from them and our doggos love them. If you want an enrichment treat dispenser that lasts, Brightkins is your best bet.

We would suggest taking a look at the Brightkins website to see all of the amazing dog enrichment toys they have for your dogs. You know best what your dog is going to like and Brightkins has something for all dogs.

Brightkins Products

We were lucky enough to be sent some Brightkins dog treat dispensers for our dogs to try out and although we already had some of their amazing products, we hadn’t tried these ones and were keen for our pups to get stuck in. Take a look at the Brightkins reviews below and see if they are the right fit for your dogs.

Brightkins Pizza Party! Treat Puzzle Review

Max loves this Brightkins Pizza Party! Treat Puzzle and can’t get enough of it. He managed to master it within a couple of days and now he looks forward to figuring out how to get his treats on a daily basis after a long group walk or a full day at daycare. It’s the perfect enrichment treat for a dog who’s had a busy day and needs a treat.

The Brightkins Pizza Party! Treat Puzzle is perfect for small and medium dogs. It’s made really well and can stand up to nails and paws on a daily basis. The fact that it’s made so well means you won’t have to worry about your pup eating any plastic, unlike you would with cheaper versions on the mass market.

If you have a smaller dog that loves to work out puzzles and use their paws to complete their tasks, this treat puzzle is exactly what you need. Plus this Pizza Party! Treat Puzzle is great for dogs and humans as it’s a pizza and who doesn’t love pizza?

Brightkins Touchdown Time Treat Puzzle Review

The Brightkins Touchdown Time treat puzzle is a little more complicated and it’s bound to get the dogs thinking just how they can get the treats out. We would suggest using treats with a strong smell such as fish or one of your dogs favourite treats so they know they’re in there.

It’s perfect for all-sized dogs although if your dog is a little heavy pawed they might end up smashing it if they send it flying halfway across the room. The puzzle is sturdy but you don’t always want to put it to the test.

This Brightkins Touchdown Time Treat Puzzle is great for dogs, it’s made well and it gets your dogs thinking about what they need to do in order to get the treats they want. It’s a step up from your traditional puzzle toys that can be a little too easy for some dogs.

Brightkins Cactus Surprise Treat Dispenser Review

Our dogs at The Paw Institute love the Brightkins Cactus Surprise Treat Dispenser. The aim is to get the treats out and with its upright starting position is means the pups have to think with their head and not just their paws. Not to mention it looks adorable.

The Brightkins Cactus Surprise Treat Dispenser is made from durable materials and can stand the test of any formidable dog who attempts it. We think the Cactus Surprise Treat Dispenser is great for dogs and it makes them work for their treats; what’s not to love?

Brightkins Let’s Go Treat Holder Coffee Cup Review

Ever wanted to look cute on your dog walks and make sure you had treats for your dog to enjoy? The Brightkins Pup Coffee Cup is a great way to take treats on your walk and have them at hand.

The pup coffee cup comes with a twist top to allow you to easily open and close the treat dispenser, making it easier to get your dogs favourite treats while on long walks. We think the Brightkins Let’s Go Treat Holder Coffee Cup is great and a great tool to have when on dog walks, plus it looks very cute and will have people asking you where you got it from. We use this when we take the pups on walks, they recognise the coffee cup and know that we have treats.

Brightkins Review

Brightkins offers a wide range of amazing enrichment toys for dogs and accessories for dog owners. Their products are well made and sturdy and they use durable, dog-safe materials so that your dogs can carry on using them for as long as possible.

Their prices are affordable compared to others on the market but they don’t compromise on quality. We think that every household with a dog should have a Brightkins toy for their pup to play with. They’re so much fun and they look amazing, the pizza puzzle has to be our favourite and the one we recommend the most.

One of the things we love about Brightkins is their vision for the future, the fact that they’re always making new toys for dogs to enjoy and owners to show off. We can’t wait to see what they come out with next and we’ll be sure to talk about it when they do!