Growler and Prowler pet shop

Growler And Prowler Pet Shop Chorlton Review

At The Paw Institute, we have fun adventures and one of them is trying out new pet shops and getting our pups some amazing treats that they love. Some of our dogs love picking out their own treats and others such as Max would rather be carried around to take a look as they are very nervous. That’s why it’s important that we pick the best pet shops that are comfortable and inviting for all dogs.

We thought it would be a great idea to write some reviews on the best pet shops that we’ve been in. The pet shops that we’ve tried are great for all dogs and we recommend giving them a try. Our latest pet shop was in Chorlton called Growler and Prowler and we loved it!

Growler And Prowler Chorlton

The Growler and Prowler pet shop in Chorlton is a pet shop surrounded by pubs and other little shops. It’s a great place to pick your dog up something tasty or fun to play with and the best part, they don’t mind dogs inside the shop. Whenever we see a great pet shop that doesn’t allow dogs, we normally walk away as Max wants to explore even if he is nervous.

The pet store is easy to find however there isn’t much parking around it so you’ll have to park nearby and walk which is fine if you have a dog as most of them love their walks. It’s always better to let them go to the toilet before they enter the shop anyway so a walk before hand will help.


Growler and Prowler Pet Shop

64 Beech Road

Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester

M21 9EG

Growler And Prowler Reviews

Are you looking for Growler and Prowler reviews online? Hopefully, this review will tell you all you need to know but if you are looking for more reviews I would suggest taking a look at the Google reviews for Growler and Prowler. They show glowing reviews for the pet shop and talk about how well stocked they are and how friendly the owner and atmosphere are.

We rate the Growler and Prowler pet shop a 5 star. It’s not the biggest pet shop but it has everything you would ever need and at decent prices unlike the big chain pet stores that hike their prices up!

If you want a decent pet shop in Greater Manchester, this is the one for you. Growler and Prowler offer everything you need to spoil your pup.

What Does Growler and Prowler Pet Shop Sell?

The Growler and Prowler pet shop sells everything you need to keep your dog healthy and happy. They have a wide range of natural pet treats at affordable prices. We got a bag of rabbit ears for £5 and the bag had 8 of them in it. They have amazing deals on their natural treats and we haven’t been able to find better prices in any pet shops since our visit.

Growler and Prowler pet shop also offer a wide range of toys for your pups to enjoy and eco-friendly dog toys as well which we love to see. Let’s face it, dogs will tear anything apart so if it’s eco friendly and won’t be harming the planet we think that’s a huge bonus.

They have lick mats and solutions for the mats, chews, well known branded treats and so much more. You’ll find everything you need at Growler and Prowler pet shop and if you’re unsure about anything you can ask the staff and they’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know.

Growler And Prowler Pet Shop Chorlton

Chorlton hosts a wide variety of shops and even has its own market on weekends. If you’re looking for somewhere that sells what you need, you’ll find it in Chorlton and that’s the same for amazing pet supplies. The Growler and Prowler pet shop is just of the many shops in the area and we’d suggest taking a look at them all when you visit.

If you’re looking for a dog friendly pet store where your dogs can go in and pick out a new toy or treat, Growler and Prowler pet shop in Chorlton is the one you need. It’s relaxing, the owner is fantastic and there to help with anything you might need or any questions you might have.