Pointer Pet Products Review

Pointer Sticks gifted for review.

At The Paw Institute we love trying new treats, food, toys and more and that’s why we were very excited when we got the opportunity to try out these stick chews from Pointer Pet Foods! Our pups couldn’t wait to get their paws on the new Pointer sticks and you can bet they went down a treat, even if some did get buried outside.

Pointer Pet Products ltd

Pointer Pet Products Ltd. is a company that specialises in manufacturing and distributing pet food and treats. Established with a commitment to quality, Pointer Pet Products provides a range of items aimed at ensuring the health and happiness of pets.

Pointer Pet Foods have a wide range of products that are perfect for your pups. We hadn’t heard of Pointer Pet Foods until they reached out to us but you can best believe they’re now on The Paw Institute shopping list when our snacks get low, because we all know pups need their treats.

Pointer Pet Foods have been going for 65 years + so you know they’re doing something right. Their treats are loved by thousands of dogs across the globe and we’re now proud to be part of that!

Pointer Pet Products

Pointer Pet Foods offer a wide range of products that your dogs can enjoy. We’ve tried their amazing Pointer sticks which the dogs love and can’t get enough of. Take a look below for a general list of the various products that Pointer Pet Foods offer.

  • Stars Treats
  • Bones & Burger Treats
  • Dog Biscuits
  • Pointer Sticks
  • Dog Mini Rolls
  • Dog Hot Dogs!!

It’s important to note that the Pointer treats come in a variety of flavours so if your dogs like a particular flavour, Pointer are bound to have some treats that they’ll love. You can also buy individual bags of treats or boxes of treats. Unlike cats, dogs don’t go off their food so it might work out better and cheaper to buy a box of Pointer dog treats.

Looking at all of their treats we think we might have to try their milky & cheese bones real soon. Are there any Pointer Pet Foods Treats that you’re looking forward to your dog trying? Also, how amazing do the dog hot dogs look? Hopefully they’ll be back in stock soon.

Pointer Sticks Review

There are four sticks in total that Pointer have to offer, they’re new and fantastic. We are going to talk about each of them and what our doggos thought of them. Have your dogs tried the new Pointer sticks yet? Let us know in the comments!

We want to highlight that a lot of treats are grain free which is perfect if you have a dog on a grain free diet. A grain free diet is something that a lot of dogs benefit from due to allergies and it’s great to see companies catching up with this.

Pointer Sticks with Lamb Grain Free

Is your dog a fan of lamb? Then they’ll probably love these Pointer Stick with Lamb. The sticks are grain free, they also have added seaweed (Ascop) which is great for a healthy skin and coat and peppermint in them which helps to freshen your dogs breath as we all know they can get a little smelly sometimes.

Pointer Sticks with Duck Grain Free

These Pointer sticks with duck are one of Max’s favourite and we caught him once opening the box, taking one out and running off with it which we’ve never seen him do before! They have a hint of orange giving them a great source of protein and B vitamins and from the looks on our dogs faces when they get one, they’re delicious.

Pointer sticks rich in Chicken Grain Free

Chicken is a universal love language for all dogs. They enjoy chicken normally and when they’re unwell they get chicken and plain rice to settle their stomachs. All the dogs who have tried these Pointer sticks with chicken can all agree on how tasty they are. These sticks are bursting with chicken, with added turmeric which helps with a dogs digestion and giving them glossy coats.

Pointer Peanut Butter Flavoured Sticks Grian Free

What dog doesn’t love peanut butter? These Pointer peanut butter flavoured sticks are going to drive your dogs mad! They’re the favourite with all our dogs who have tried them and we’re not sure a box will be enough! They also have added blueberries and banana to ensure your dogs get healthy fruit that’s going to help with their development.

The design and shape of all sticks means that your dogs will have a healthy snack that helps to freshen breath and remove plaque from their teeth which can be an expensive vet visit if there is too much of a build up.

Pointer Review

Pointer Pet Foods are great. They offer unique treats for dogs with added health benefits and at affordable prices. You see a lot of dog brands who sell their treats at a premium price that most dog owners just can’t afford, Pointer does not do this and the fact they offer boxes of treats that will last you longer, shows that they want you to have enough treats for your dogs and not have to go back every week and empty your bank account.

Their boxes options are great for households with multiple dogs. We can’t wait to try more Pointer Pet Foods treats, although first our dogs need to get through the ones we have, which we’re sure will not take long.