Where To Buy Dogs UK

Buying a dog can be a big step in anyones lives so it’s important to make sure you’re ready for the commitment before you take the plunge. It’s important to have everything ready, make sure your home is dog proof and that you have the funds in places for medical needs such as vaccinations.

Where To Buy Dogs

There are various places to buy dogs from but it’s always important to look out for scams. Dog scams are a big thing in the UK and costs victims hundreds of thousands every year, take a look at some of the tips below to stay safe when buying your dog.

How To Spot Dog Buying Scams

Spotting dog buying scams requires a keen eye for certain red flags. Here are some tips to help you recognise potential scams:

  1. Unrealistically Low Prices: If the price of the dog seems too good to be true for the breed or type of dog being offered, it might be a scam. Quality breeds usually come with a price tag that reflects their pedigree and care.
  2. Unverified Breeder or Seller: Reputable breeders and sellers will have verifiable credentials, such as membership in recognised breeding associations or positive reviews from previous customers. If you can’t find any information about the seller or breeder, proceed with caution.
  3. Lack of Communication: If the seller avoids answering your questions directly, provides vague responses, or is hesitant to provide additional information or photos of the dog, it could be a sign that they’re not legitimate.
  4. Pressure Tactics: Scammers often use high-pressure tactics to rush you into making a decision. They may claim that the dog is in high demand and needs to be purchased quickly. Take your time to research and make an informed decision.
  5. Request for Wire Transfers or Unusual Payment Methods: Be cautious if the seller insists on payment through wire transfer, money order, or other non-traceable methods. Legitimate sellers will usually accept more secure payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal.
  6. No Health Guarantee or Documentation: Reputable breeders typically provide health guarantees and documentation, including veterinary records and registration papers. If the seller cannot provide these documents or makes excuses for not having them, it could be a scam.
  7. Shipping Offers Without Meeting the Dog: Scammers often offer to ship the dog to you without allowing you to visit and meet the dog in person. Insist on meeting the dog and the seller/breeder in person before making any payments.
  8. Multiple Breeds Available: Be cautious if the seller has multiple breeds available at the same time, especially if they claim to have rare or designer breeds. It could indicate that they are operating a puppy mill or engaging in fraudulent activities.
  9. Poor Quality Photos or Stock Images: Authentic sellers will typically provide clear, high-quality photos of the actual dog. Be wary if the photos seem generic or if the seller refuses to provide additional photos upon request.
  10. No Refund Policy or Contract: Legitimate breeders often have a refund policy or contract that outlines the terms of the sale, including responsibilities for both the buyer and seller. If the seller refuses to provide a contract or offers a vague refund policy, it could be a scam.

By being aware of these red flags and taking the time to thoroughly research the seller and the dog being offered, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to a dog buying scam.

Where To Buy Dogs From UK

In the UK, there are several reputable sources from which you can buy dogs. Here are some options:

  1. Kennel Club Assured Breeders: The Kennel Club maintains a list of Assured Breeders who adhere to strict health and welfare guidelines. You can search for breeders of specific breeds on their website.
  2. Rescue Shelters and Adoption Centres: Many dogs in the UK are in need of loving homes and can be adopted from rescue shelters and adoption centres. Organisations such as the RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, and Blue Cross are well-known for their work in rehoming dogs.
  3. Breed Specific Rescue Groups: There are also breed-specific rescue groups that focus on rehoming specific breeds. These groups often have a deep understanding of the breed’s needs and can help match you with the right dog.
  4. Reputable Breeders: If you’re looking for a specific breed and want to buy from a breeder, it’s important to thoroughly research and choose a reputable breeder. Look for breeders who are transparent about the health and welfare of their dogs, provide a clean and caring environment for their animals, and are willing to answer your questions.
  5. Local Advertisements and Pet Classifieds: While not all advertisements are scams, exercise caution when responding to ads for puppies in newspapers, online classifieds, or social media. Ensure that you visit the premises and meet the seller in person before making any commitments.
  6. Dog Shows and Events: Dog shows and events often feature reputable breeders showcasing their dogs. Attending these events can give you the opportunity to meet breeders, ask questions, and learn more about different breeds.

When purchasing a dog, always prioritise the health and welfare of the animal. Avoid supporting puppy mills or irresponsible breeding practices. Take the time to research different breeds to find one that suits your lifestyle and preferences, and consider factors such as size, temperament, exercise needs, and grooming requirements.

Where To Buy Dogs Online UK

Buying dogs online in the UK can be risky due to the prevalence of scams and unethical breeding practices. However, if you choose to purchase a dog online, it’s essential to take precautions to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable seller. Here are some tips and platforms where you can find dogs for sale online in the UK:

  1. Kennel Club Assured Breeders Website: The Kennel Club’s website provides a list of Assured Breeders who adhere to strict health and welfare guidelines. While you may not be able to purchase directly from this website, you can find contact information for breeders and inquire about available puppies.
  2. Pets4Homes: Pets4Homes is a popular classifieds website in the UK where individuals and breeders advertise pets for sale. While there are reputable sellers on Pets4Homes, it’s crucial to thoroughly research any listings and ask questions about the dog’s health, background, and welfare.
  3. Gumtree: Gumtree is another classifieds website where you can find dogs for sale in the UK. Exercise caution when using Gumtree, as scams are not uncommon. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true and always arrange to meet the seller and the dog in person before making any payments.
  4. Preloved: Preloved is a platform similar to Gumtree where individuals can buy and sell various items, including pets. As with other online classifieds websites, exercise caution and thoroughly vet any listings before proceeding.
  5. Adopt a Pet: Adopt a Pet is an online platform that connects prospective pet owners with animals available for adoption from rescue shelters and adoption centers across the UK. While this platform primarily focuses on adoption rather than purchasing dogs, it’s an excellent option for finding a loving companion in need of a home.

You can also look on social media for dogs however, these places are more common for scams and it’s important never to send money to anyone without taking steps to safeguard it. Never send friends and family on PayPal and avoid using cash as the buying method, bank transfer is preferred.

Also be cautious when buying from people who are not registered breeders. Max was purchased from a non-registered breeder who lies about him having vaccinations and when he got home we discovered bite marks and fleas.

Regardless of where you choose to buy a dog online, it’s essential to prioritise the welfare of the animal. Ask the seller for documentation of the dog’s health and pedigree, visit the premises to meet the puppy and its parents if possible, and ensure that the seller is transparent and responsive to your questions and concerns. Avoid sellers who pressure you to make a quick decision or who are unwilling to provide essential information about the dog’s background.

Mum dog and her litter of pups

Where To Buy Dogs Pet Store UK

In the UK, buying dogs from pet stores is not as common as it once was due to concerns about the welfare of animals sold in such establishments. Many reputable organizations, including the RSPCA and Dogs Trust, discourage purchasing pets from pet stores due to the prevalence of puppy mills and irresponsible breeding practices associated with some commercial breeders.

However, if you are determined to buy a dog from a pet store, it’s essential to thoroughly research the store and ensure that they adhere to high standards of animal welfare and care. Here are some factors to consider when buying a dog from a pet store in the UK:

  1. Reputation: Research the reputation of the pet store by reading reviews, checking online forums, and asking for recommendations from friends or family members who have purchased pets from the store.
  2. Visit the Store: Take the time to visit the pet store in person to assess the conditions in which the animals are kept. Look for cleanliness, appropriate housing, and signs of good care and hygiene.
  3. Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask the staff at the pet store about the source of their puppies, their breeding practices, and the health guarantees they offer. A reputable pet store should be transparent and willing to provide this information.
  4. Health Checks and Documentation: Ensure that the puppies available for sale have received appropriate health checks, vaccinations, and deworming treatments. Ask to see documentation of these procedures and verify their authenticity.
  5. Meet the Puppy: Spend time interacting with the puppy you are interested in purchasing to assess its temperament, behaviour, and compatibility with your lifestyle.
  6. Avoid Impulse Purchases: Resist the temptation to make an impulse purchase and take the time to carefully consider whether a dog is the right pet for you. Research different breeds to find one that matches your preferences and lifestyle.
  7. Consider Adoption: Instead of buying a dog from a pet store, consider adopting from a rescue shelter or adoption centre. Many dogs in need of loving homes are available for adoption, and adopting a pet is a rewarding way to provide a second chance to an animal in need.

By taking these factors into account and ensuring that the pet store prioritises the welfare of the animals they sell, you can make an informed decision when buying a dog from a pet store in the UK.